Indian Head Massage


One treatment that is guaranteed to lift you out of the stresses of daily life and provide you with a real cure for those aching, tense neck and shoulder muscles is the ancient art of Indian Head Massage.

How does it work?

The head, neck and shoulders are important energy centres within your body. If you are feeling stressed or angry, tension tends to accumulate. This tension can later show up as a tiff neck and shoulders, eye strain and sometimes even hair loss. Indian Head Massage involves working with a firm and gentle rhythm to help unknot blockages and relieve this uncomfortable build up of tension. However, its effect is not just physical: it works on an emotional level too, calming the spirit, promoting relaxation and relieving stress.

"Regular head massage is wonderfully relaxing, enhances the health of the scalp and promotes the growth of lustrous hair" (The Observer)

Some of the benefits:
  • General and specific relaxation of muscles, providing immediate relief
  • Break down of fibrous adhesions (knots and nodules)
  • Dispersal of toxins from tense, knotted muscles
  • Relief from chronic neck and shoulder stiffness
  • Loosening of the scalp
  • Relaxation of the whole person
  • Increased oxygen uptake in tissues
  • Improved circulation of blood in previously congested muscles, providing extra oxygen for the brain
  • Stimulation and improvement of the circulation of the lymphatic system
  • Relief from stiffness in the neck and shoulder areas
  • Promotion of hair growth
  • Help in the relief of eyestrain and tension headaches
  • Excellent for disturbed sleep and insomnia
  • Help with mental tiredness and edginess
  • Improved concentration
  • Relief from mental and emotional stress